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What about colors? Are red and whites rare, therefore worth more? What about the "blue" Basset?

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Basset Hound

What about colors? Are red and whites rare, therefore worth more? What about the “blue” Basset?

HA, HA, HA, – Only to the uninformed. The value of a Basset should not be based on its color or markings. The tri-color is the most common, followed by the red & white. Tri’s at times can appear to be black and white, but on closer inspection, a touch of brown usually can be […]

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Can the Basset Hound swim?

Only with a great deal of difficulty. With 2/3 of the Basset’s weight in the front, and with such short legs, they can swim only very short distances, and with great difficulty. If you must go boating with a Basset be certain, you have provided a life preserver for him or other suitable floatation device. […]

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Are Bassets hard to housetrain?

No harder than any other breed, you MUST be consistent.

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Are Bassets hard to breed?

YES! Once determining that your dog of bitch is worthy of being bred (be sure to read the breeding FAQs) the owner of the dog must be prepared to provide the following.  * A safe, secure, clean area to keep the visiting bitch to be bred      (the bitch always goes to the dog). Can you […]

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What can I expect in my older Basset?

Given good care, the Basset can lead a very active 10 years and be active as a stud dog up to 12 years. (AKC will not register puppies sired by a dog over 12 years of age without written permission of AKC and certification from a veterinarian.) Bassets enjoy their food in old age and, […]

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How much does a Basset Hound cost?

A purebred, pet quality Basset Hound puppy from a reputable breeder may cost between $2000. – 3000., depending on the part of the country. The price for a puppy with show (or breeding) potential will start appreciably higher. Prices of individual puppy’s vary according to quality (show or field potential), age, geographic region, and availability. […]

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Some Bassets may have allergies to grasses. Hanging t heir head close to the ground for long periods of time will further aggravate it. If an allergy is diagnosed, a veterinarian can prescribe a mild eye ointment or other appropriate treatment.

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Are Basset Hounds healthy dogs?

The Basset Hound claims excellent health. He is not prone to many hereditary weaknesses that are present in some other breeds. Many of the Basset’s health problems can be attributed to his owner because he allowed his dog to become overweight, possibly resulting in aggravated arthritis, back problems, or heart trouble. Physical fitness is as […]

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Are Basset Hounds hard to groom?

The Basset Hound does not need fussy coat care due to his hard, short coat which repels dirt and water rather well. However, they should be brushed weekly to remove any loose hair and dirt. Bassets do not shed very much if brushed regularly. The Basset Hound needs a bath only four to six times […]

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How much does a Basset Hound eat?

Adult Basset Hounds generally eat between 2 and 4 cups of food per day. (Many dog food labels have you over-feeding your dogs.) Bassets often have a tendency to get fat, partly because their sad look lends their owners to “take pity on them” and give them more food than they require. Overeating is dangerous […]

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