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How It Works

Basset Hound and English Golden Retrievers

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How it works

Many people ask how do I go about buying a dog from a breeder?

Well this is how it works at GoldenAsset Kennels.

First thing for you to do is….. Please do your due diligent and search the breed you are interested in.

Certain breeds are more prone to different things. We do our best to breed a very healthy happy long

living dog. But we cannot guarantee (as no one can) that one of these problem won’t show up

in your puppy/dog, if it is known to be in the breed. We try to do our best to try to eliminate problems in

the breed but we are fighting years and years of breeding.

We are only breeders… not a God or a maker of new things. To take problems out of a breed can take

many many years.

Some of these problems that can arrive are not just from the certain lines but also are from nutritional,

environmental, or are from the way the dog is bred to look.

So please talk to as many vets, and people that have the breed, many breeders….take your time in

deciding if a Golden Retriever or Basset Hound is the dog for you. Both breeds along with all the

dog breeds have certain problems that can possibly arrive……Just like when you have children. So if you

cannot deal with a problems that might arise.. please don’t purchase a dog!

Something to keep in mind…


Please don’t go from kennel to kennel in one day, this is how things spread from kennel to kennel and

how it gets into litters and then sent home with your puppy!!!

If you have to check out more then one a day because of distance etc please tell the kennel owner before

entering there premises.

WE really appreciate this.  Its good to check out many breeders and different breeds just don’t do it all

in one day….. take your time… its a decision that will last 12-14 or more years….



If a litter is planned or is expected shortly I will start a waiting list.  Once we have had some contact and

I feel that the breed is a good fit for you and your family. I will get you to drop by and meet the gang and

we will then fill out the paper work to be added to the waiting list. I know that sometime its not suitable

for all families to drop by at this stage so we will talk a little more on the phone. To be added to the

waiting list there is a $350.00 deposit. This will be deducted from the price of the dog and is NON



People always say this part seems to take for ever….the waiting to see if the breeding took, and then the

wait to see how many, what sex, and in the basset case what the markings look like. After the pups do

arrive.. about day three of four I will post pictures on my site. I will send you an email to let you know

they have arrived. I will need the $550.00 deposit to hold a puppy for you. All deposits are non-

refundable but can be transferred to another litter that is due to arrive within the next 12 months.

And again this deposit is NON refundable so before you give me your deposits make sure you are ready

for a 10 to 14 year commitment.  Dogs are part of your family and you have to make sure you are willing

to devote the time and care needed to look after a pet for the rest of its life.


At about 4.5 weeks of age I will email you to arrange a time for pick and play days. I do have to

schedule everyone on the waiting list in the order of the list. This can be a frustrating time for myself

and you also. Some bigger litters time is very tight. If you cannot make the time I have suggested I will

be more then happy to pick your puppy for you.

Once the pups are six weeks old, and have had their first shot…

This is when we start the fun stuff. By this time I will have arranged a time for you to drop by for a pick

and play day. You will be here for about a hour. No longer as this is stressful on the pups and they do tire


I will be there to help you decide what pup would fit in well with your family and your activity level.

If you cannot make this appointment in a timely manner I will pick out your pup for you.

If you are getting a basset you will have probably pick out your puppy by now as the marking are so

different from dog to dog and  most people have a look they want.


Its finally here……the day you have waited for…..time to take your puppy home.

I will set up times when you are to arrive to pick up your pup.

Please don’t be late or to early for this appointment. I do like to give everyone quality one on one time.

We then will go over all the paperwork and sign the non breeding contract and my warrantee…(see

contract page for more details) I then will go over some do’s and don’t of having

a puppy and go over feeding directions and answer any other questions you might have.

This is when I will receive final payment for your puppy. I will not take a personal cheque at this time.

E-transfer, cert. cheque/money order, or cash is what is accepted at this time.

……now for the best part….

I will hand over your pup to you.  I then will inform you again and again … if you have any questions or

concerns in the next 10-14 years please feel free to email me or phone me anytime.

I will also inform you that to receive a pup from GoldenAsset Kennels

I do require pictures and emails or calls…even it is just to say…

Hi, we are doing fine.


We have taken a lot of time and consideration into the breeding program of our dogs.  We breed to the

breed standard of both breeds of dogs, but we also take great efforts to breed a dog that will have a

great temperament and have a very long healthy life. We have done health testing on all our breeding

stock but even with the most extensive planning and studying of pedigrees there are no guarantees that

something won’t show up in a certain dog from many many generations back.


Here is a site that I find most useful when looking up

some inherited diseases.

If you have any questions or concerns with the

above steps please email me anytime