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Basset Hound and English Goldne Retrievers

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A bit about us


In the Beginning:

We got our first golden back in 1990. He was a big white male named George. My kids were small back then and he was the best baby sitter a person could have. The kids were not allowed near the road or anywhere near the water when we were at the cottage, when George was watching them.   In 1993 we moved to the country. One month after we moved there the kids and I and George were over meeting the neighbors where there 2 year old granddaughter was playing on her tricycle and George thought she was getting to close to the road. So off he went to do his stuff, circling her again and again until she got tired of trying to get around him and she turned around and head back toward their house. While George was being the savior that he was, he noticed the pond across the road, and once he knew the little girl was okay he headed over for a swim. He had his advanced obedience training completed, but when he wanted a swim nothing was going to stop him. On his way across the road George got hit by a car and died just a few minutes later.

The Growing Years:

Two days later I came home with a new golden pup who we named Stella. She turned out to be as much as a sweet heart as George was. We had her for about year and I thought another dog would be a good addition to our family, so away we headed out to get a beautiful bouncing basset hound named Ethel. After having the two for about another year I came home with yet another golden named Peggy. She turned out to be just as amazing as the other golden that we had.  I thought that these dogs are smart and have a really great temperament, (not to mention her great conformation). This is why I decided to start breeding Goldens.   About a year later we came home with Edith, one of the friendliest and trust worthy bassets that I had ever known. With wrinkles on top of wrinkles, I knew that this dog has too much to offer not to be shared.

 Where we’re going:

And that is how we got started breeding Golden Retrievers and Basset Hounds.   We have been a member of the Canadian Kennel Club since 1995.   All of our puppies are bred for temperament, health, and conformation. They are all sold with a 18 month guarantee, CKC registered with non breeding contracts, de-wormed, microchipped, checked over thoroughly by our veterinarian, a life time of after sales support if needed,  leash collar, a toy and treats. Copy of parents paperwork and clearances are available upon request.   Please feel free to email us to inquire when our next available litter of Basset’s or Golden’s will be arriving.

In 2000 I separated and divorced my husband and changed my last name of Saunders back to to my maiden name of Greenwood. In 2008 I did get remarried (to a wonderful man) but I will be keeping my name last name as Greenwood….I do hope the people that knew me as Mary Saunders will still find me as Mary Greenwood.

In 2011 we sold our place in Orangeville, ON. We moved to a 41 acre property just west of Alliston, ON. We built a top of the line 1800 sq. ft. kennel for all our best friends to live. I think they are happy with the new place. We also started to board what we bred and do I love seeing my pups as they grow into adults. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Kennels: Old and New

This is our old Kennel located on the 7th line of Amaranth, just west of Orangeville, ON.

This is our new kennel located on the  4th Concession of Tosorontio, ON. I think the doggies love it here.