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Hi Mary! Just wanted to thank you SO much for having us to your home to meet our SWEET little boy : ) You and your family were so friendly and kind- such good people. We are proud & honoured to be owners of one of your puppies. Our little one is so adorable- we have looked at his picture a million times since coming home!!! ok the truth: I have… and forced colin to look too ; ) LOL! Anyway, have a great week and give little boy a kiss for me. I hope to see him (and you) again soon! Momma Leslie


Hey Mary
Our going concern is now 27 lbs and about the same in inches. He hates the snow too. How is your over grown family doing. I still don’t want another pup.
See ya


Hi Mary:

Sorry for the long delay. Just wanted to let you know that Sam is fantastic and getting bigger by the second!

He’s going in for neutering on the 27th, poor thing! Vet says he’s one of the best retrievers he’s seen in a long time, so kudos to you guys.

I was going to send some pics, but just realized they are on my home computer.

Hope all is well.


Here are a few pics of Abby for you. Everyone is spoiling her rotten. She has truly made our family complete. She has really taken a liking to our son Brett and is not happy until he sits on the floor so she can sleep on his lap. She sleeps in her bed on the floor in our room, and when she wakes up in the middle of the night to go pee, Laura cuddles her when she is done until she falls asleep again. Thank you for the wonderful puppy!


The Walser’s

Hi Mary,

Just thought I’d give you an update on the little guy…he’s doing really well and EVERYONE loves him.  He’s very sociable and friendly, and is steadily learning not to pee or poop inside (yesterday he actually pawed at the door when he had to go out, but I’m not getting my hopes up).  As you can see from the photos, he likes to sleep in uncomfortable positions, especially on my head.  Hope the other puppies are doing well!


Here are a few pictures of my bestfriend in the whole world Lola. She has been nothing less then perfect since see came into my familys life a little under a year ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures and all is well with your family and all of your dogs.

The BLAKE family

Hi There

I guess it is Birthday time for the litter from last year. I thought I would send you this one of Tay ‘the river’ to see how she looks. She is a pleasure to have and we are completely in love with this pup.

Thanks again for everything and sorry it took so long to send a photo, I am hopeless at attaching them and sending them, I usually make the folder too big.

Terry Kennedy

Hi Mary

Just a quick note to et you know Butterfly is doing  great.  I  think  she   weighs  about  22lbs  now.

She loves to bark and it is getting deeper every day.  When the kids leave for school or go out without her she sits at the door and howls.  She is starting to be a little lazier in the mornings.  When we first got her she would chase after the broom or vacuum, now she seems to be scared of both.   The first thing my youngest daughter does when she gets up in the morning is look for the dog.  She has been completely house broken for quite some time.  The only chewing damage she has done are my oldest daughters flip flops.  She has already lost a bunch of teeth.  Her favourite toys still seem to be empty bottles.  We have this one ball that has velcro on it and it drives her crazy when it get stuck on the carpet.  She is a lot of fun to have around.  Whenever we have her out she gets a ton of attention and loves every minute of it.  We even get people coming into our yard to see her.  We will send some more pictures soon.


Hi Mary,

I finally figured out the camera/pc technology and then my pc crashed. Between that and just being incredibly busy (including puppy training) it has taken me awhile to write you. I received Daffodil’s papers in the mail, thank you. (She’s officially a real dog now). I have to pass on the many compliments to you about her. One of the technician’s at my vet’s assumed you were going to take her back for breeding purposes and an apparently well known dog handler saw her at Pet Value and said she was one really good looking basset. She also has a wonderful temperament and she’s quite intelligent. If I had the extra time I would ask you if I could show her but I’m quite content just to have a super pet.

Aside from how wonderful Daffy is, and she is wonderful, the boys and I are enjoying her sooooooo much. She definitely has that basset “mind of her own”. She is also in that terrible two stage. The rabbit, Mabel, is funny with her. Daffy tries to grab Mabel to play and Mabel looks terrified but then teases Daffy and comes looking for more.

One of these days I think I’d like to foster basset hounds, from the basset rescue of Ontario. A lot of those bassets are probably from puppy mills.

We saw Daffy’s half sibling pix. on your site.


Take Care


Hey Mary,

Please put me on the wait list for this litter.  Mesa is amazing, I can’t wait to get another!!!

This will be good timing as Mesa will be almost 2 yrs.

Please send me your address so I can send a deposit. How much is it again?

I’ll take some new pics of Mesa and send them to you soon.  She’s become an incredibly beautiful dog.

Talk to you later,


Bonjour Mary,


Well, it’s been 2 weeks yesterday since we brought Estelle home.  I have to say it’s been so easy.

First, she stayed in her crate throughout the trip back home on June 23rd.  We stopped only 3 times so she could do her business, eat, drink and play.  She had only one a small accident in her crate.

The first night she slept in her crate in our room from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next morning without making a sound.  And, it’s been like that for the last 2 weeks.  She goes to bed around 9:30 p.m. and wakes around 5:30 p.m.  And there  were no accidents in her crate overnight for over a week.

As for housebreaking her, it’s a breeze.  Since last Monday, she didn’t have any accidents in the house.  She seems to have already associated the grass in our backyard with where she should be doing her stuff.  We bring her out after sleeping, eating and rowdier play time.  Since Thursday, she started whining at the door when she needs to go out.

Estelle made friends with our other dog, Nikita who plays with her quite a bit. Nikita was a little spooked the first week but this last week has been great.

Estelle also loves one of our cat who lets her bit her ear and push her around.  When the cat gets fed up, she just leaves.

There’s still some bonding to do with our second cat but it will come.

She eats about 2 cup a day.

Well, basset hounds not easy to train, well, not from our experience of the last 2 weeks.

The only thing I have observed is that she scratches a lot.  I’ll keep monitoring this.

‘ll keep you posted.



Hi Mary. Sorry its been so long since our last update. Butterfly is doing great! She is now 32lbs. We got her spayed a few days ago and she recovering nicely. She is becoming more spoiled now that summer is here because she rarely gets left alone. She wants to always be with the kids even if she is just lying near them as they play or watch a movie. She has trained my daughters to fetch the balls they throw for her. She will sit and wait for them to go get the ball if they throw it farther than she wants to move. We are also sending you some recent pictures. Butterfly loves to play outside with the soccer ball, the neighbours call it her “barking ball”. Let us know if you receive the pictures. Talk to you soon! Stacey

Hi Mary,

<p”>I thought you might like to see some pictures of Carl from the last few months. He’s a GREAT dog – loves people, other dogs, playing (although he is scared of cats) – he even has a doggy girlfriend (a Bernese Mountain dog pup) who he will actually share his food with! (He got neutered last week, so no worries).  We were all saying how we can’t imagine what we did before he came along! Feel free to post any of the pictures on your site if you like them.



Hi Mary,


Not sure if you’d remember us, but we adopted a golden puppy back in 1999, when our son was 2.  He wanted to call him Buzz, after Buzz Lightyear but we decided on Jack!  He is a healthy 8 year old dog now and is apart of our family like one of the kids!  He is the most gentle and loveable dog in the world and is doing very well!  I finally found your website and decided that we should send you a picture of him!  We are interested in adopting another golden very soon, any information you have on the new litter would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

Jo-Ann and Jared


ps- I think Jack was one of Peg’s pups…not too sure though.

Hi Mary,

I got Lora Bay from you back in September. I have realized that I made a great choice in a breed and the breeder. Lora has absolutely the sweetest temperment (and it’s just like you said it would be…she always is looking for what she can do to please me) and such a beautiful face and coat. We have been going to puppy obedience and hope to eventually compete in some agility tournaments. I hope all is going well with the rest of your pets, and I hope to contact you in the future with some photos.







Hi ya Mary!


Flash is settling in quite well with us. He’s quite the character. All our neighbours line up to give him belly rubs. Zuzu adores him! They wrestle in the living room all afternoon!


He’s a great hunter! He’s found ALL of Jack’s little cars throughout the house. He loves hugs and sleeps in the sun.


Thanks Mary!


Hope all is well.


Jay and Sherilyn


So this puppy is AMAZING!! She is so good!!

She was great in the car, no whimpering except a couple of times when she had to go to the bathroom.  First night was great, she slept 4.5hrs the first run, and was good about quieting down when I put her in her crate.  Last night I put her down at 9pm and she slept until I got her up at 3:30am…..so we will see what tonight brings. 🙂

She is learning ‘no’ very fast 🙂 And has learned how to clue me in about going to the bathroom outside.  Only 2 accidents and they were both my fault (not clueing in) 🙂

So far so good…..I will keep you posted and send lots of pics!!


Hi Mary,

Just wanted to give you an update on Tucker.  He is 14 weeks old now and what a

great addition he is to our family.  He is such beautiful puppy, we get so many

compliments on his looks.  He is built like a brick house, healthy as a horse

and already and has the most wonderful personality.  Our vet is very impressed

with Tucker’s health and overall appearance.

I care for my very sick 74 year old mother and he is so gentle and protective of

  1.   The nurses who visit her can’t believe how he sits quietly by her side and

watches their every move while they tend to her.  It’s really quite something to

He is already smart as a whip and has learned lots of commands and tricks.  My

husband is delighted when he comes home from work and Tucker is standing at the

door offering him one of his favorite toys as a gift.

The next step for Tucker is Puppy Kindergarten.  His trainer has already met

Tucker and is quite impressed at how Tucker already responds to me.  He will

start at the end of May and I can’t wait to watch him progress.

I would like to thank you for breeding such a quality puppy. Anyone looking for

a fantastically bred dog should look you up.

Thanks Again

Hi Mary,

I am so sorry i haven’t written or sent any pics sooner….

Holly is doing awesome! She adjusted quickly to her surroundings, eats well, sleeps well, has had wonderful checkups, and is loved by so many! She is quite the character, makes us laugh everyday! She gets together with Daisy often too! She swam in our pool this summer and totally loved it! She loves car rides, but is not so keen on the leash, prefers to flop herself down and lay there, haha!

Petra and family

Hi Mary,

Hope all is well with you and the family!!

Just wanted to send a quick note to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Attached are a few recent photos of Ruby. I know we say this every time we e-mail you, but she really is such a sweetheart! We are so lucky to have gotten her from you. She’s really turned out to be a very beautiful and very loving dog. Three years later, she’s still a sassy little thing– always keeping us laughing and on our toes– but we absolutely love that about her!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos!!

Best wishes to you all,

Lisa, Sean & Ruby

Hi Mary,


I wanted to tell you all about my new home and the family who is taking care of me…

I have had a good couple of days here. I’ve been very well behaved, and the Jackson family is really excited to have me here. They got me a brand new crate that I sleep in at night – I only whined for a few minutes the first night, and then I slept right through the night without a peep. I’ve been on lots of walks and I have been playing in their big backyard. Claire and Lucy are so much fun to play with – they aren’t afraid at all, and have been giving me lots of hugs. Lucy took a picture of me to school today for Show and Share! They bought me some new toys, and Claire and Lucy picked out a pink leash and collar with flowers on it! I didn’t like the leash on my first walk, but the second time it didn’t really bother me. My favourite spot in the house is right beside the step in the family room. Jennifer bought me a nice soft doggie bed to lie on in the family room too, so I try to go on it also, but I much prefer the hard floor by the step! Jennifer and Andrew say that I have been remarkably calm and happy, even though I was a little nervous the first day.

I really miss all my family at your house, and especially you, but I am really happy here and I think this family will take very good care of me. Say hi to Rain, and everyone else. I will email you again soon. I’m including some pictures of me with Claire and Lucy at my new house, as well as some other pictures of the backyard that they gave me.




Hi Mary:  I was going through deleting some old emails and found your address.  We haven’t been in touch for over a year and I thought I would send along some photos.

“Boomer” is awesome.  We attended puppy school, grade one and grade two.  I have contemplated grade three but at this point have not been able to find the time.  Boomer did not like his crate about three months in.  Whenever we left him in it and then left the house he apparently barked the whole time we were gone.  Instead we gated him in the kitchen and he has been much happier there. Boomer loves to chase a frisbee, ball, floatie, pretty much anything you throw.  He brings it back, tugs and then upon coaxing will release it to chase again.   His favourite activity by far is the backyard pool.  When he gets hot he will sit on the steps then swim around for a while before getting out and soaking anybody near by.

Boomer has been a wonderful pet. Thanks John

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